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I can’t be the only one who misses “The God Squad”…



They were awesome and their voices were too PERFECT. I would at least like to hear their voices together again. 

Did anyone notice that when Mercedes said that she needed to wait until marriage,Sam did not oppose to it happening. He just said that a few weeks wasn't enough time.


Of course! We noticed!


He didn’t oppose. And the fact that he said “We haven’t even sent out invitations, and that takes a long time.” makes me laugh all the time, ‘cause the boy is so in love he’s worried they don’t have time enough to prepare the invitations and send them, poor baby lol 

I used to think he wanted to marry her, but after reading the 5x19 summary I’m completely sure he does. 


I was laughing because when Mercedes mentioned getting married Sam was all, “WE DIDN’T EVEN SEND OUT INVITATIONS I CAN’T GET MARRIED IN A FEW WEEKS.”

He legit wants to have a proper wedding with Mercedes…*remember*…*cough cough*



Married couple attending a church


Married couple after attending a church


Samcedes is the new Finchel?

Hunh. I’ve never been aboard a ship with Finchel status before.



Mercedes I gotta cut this short, my girlfriend just arrived.
SAM EVANS EVERYONE (via dontforgetakeabreath)



If you don’t like Samcedes


  • You probably don’t like true love
  • you probably don’t like honesty
  • you probably don’t like sunshine
  • you probably kick bunny rabbits
  • you probably hate Christmas

If you don’t love Samcedes

  • Blue skies probably make you sick
  • self-respecting women make you vomit 
  • and truth be told, you could be a little racist

In conclusion, If you hate Samcedes, there is something wrong with you, because there is not a damn thing wrong with them.


Well, Sam definitely loves you, because I don’t know any other 19 year old boy that would say it’s okay to wait unless he was totally in love with and obsessed with you.
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Samcedians season 3: Is he ever gonna call her by her name? Did they just look at each other? Omg so exciting!
Samcedians season 5: Did he just say 'I love you, Mercedes' for the tenth time? They are sharing a bed? Did they just make out? Again?

Sam Evans + Mercedes Jones | 5x16

I can live without sex, but I can’t live without you.
Sam Evans declaring his love to Mercedes. (via mysticwriter1)

Samcedes + marriage